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CMP Initiavtes Class (I to V) of the Vidyalaya (2018-19)

SNo. Initiatives Class Learning objective intially envisaged Learning Objective realized or not Name of the Teacher Incharge along with designation
1 School Readiness Program I To provide homely treatment in school campus Realised Mr. Pushkar Dev (PRT)
2 FilmShows I-V Education and Religious Films to circulate respect and bravery Realised                     
3 Community Lunch I-V Inheriting the habit of sharing and hygine Realised
4 Educational Excursions I-V To get the knowledge of surroundings and awareness Realised
5 Bal Diwas I-V To enjoy and celebrate the Bday of Chacha Nehru and to create the spirit of competition and discipline Realised
6 Grand Parents Day I-V To know the value of G.Ps in our life and let them be child again and develop the sense of respect for them Realised
7 Games & Sports I-V To make them aware of their body fitness and develop the sense of sportsmanship Realised
8 Class Library I-V To inherit the habit of healthy reading Realised

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